Walking & Crafting

Today I decided to walk in to town instead of drive, so I could get some fresh air and feel the sun. It took me about half an hour each way and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes a walk is just what you need to clear your head and have time to think. 

Everything looked so fresh and green, it finally looks and feels like summer is actually coming! It was very relaxing to look at the pretty gardens and spring flowers under the warmth of the sun.

When I got home I decided to get a bit creative. My Nana’s birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I decided to create something unique for her. 

I went to the craft store and bought some thin paper, some glue and some wooden letters that spell ‘Nana’. I ripped up the paper in to smaller pieces and glued them on to the letters to create a nice effect.

It took me a few hours to complete but it was very therapeutic and I’m pleased with the end result. The pink paper with the purple looks very pretty.

I hope she likes it! 

That’s about it for this blog post, I hope you liked it!

My New Cresties!

I’ve been looking for another crested gecko for a little while now. I remember when I first adopted Baby G, two years ago, everyone said I would end up getting more. 

I love the three that I have and they have all settled in really well, but I wanted to have more colours and patterns. I have a spare vivarium that has been gathering dust in the cupboard for the past year so I decided to go to the reptile shop and see what they had. 

I spotted Peach first. The picture really doesn’t do his (or hers) colours any justice, he’s bright red when he fires up! He also has little black spots which I adore.

He’s only ten weeks old and is smaller than my thumb, as you can see! Yet when I held him he was so laid back and just sat on my hand looking up at me with his smiley face. 

Banana was very bouncy and active, and I could see him through all the leaves because he’s so light in colour. 

When I first looked in to adopting a crested gecko, I really wanted one with this exact colouring and markings, so I couldn’t just leave him there. 

They’re both absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy with them. They’ve settled in to their new home really well and they’re already eating and drinking. 

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you liked it! 

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Cat Stereotypes…

and why my cats are proving them wrong!

Today, a lady at work was explaining to me that she was thinking about adopting a cat. Of course, I got very excited and was already hoping she would bring the cat in so I could meet him or her. 

But she then said that she was worried about getting a cat because of the things she has heard about them! 

Which got me thinking, there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding cats that are largely negative, yet I’ve never experienced them with my two. So I’ve decided to put together a little list to hopefully dispel any fears people have about welcoming a cat in to their lives. 

1) Cats are fussy eaters!

I hear this one a lot, especially at work, and while I do always help the customer who is asking, I’ve never experienced this! My cats will eat anything and everything (although they did turn their noses up at a piece of dropped banana!)

The only time they tried to be fussy was when their diet gradually changed from a dry to wet and then back again. Once they had tried the wet, they didn’t want to go back. But with some tough love and persistence, they now happily eat their dry food. 

Cats are very clever. They know that if they turn their nose up at something, their owner will offer them something different – maybe even better! 

2) They are very independent 

Cats are always sold as the pet you should have if you don’t have the time for a dog. They’re the sort of pet that can look after itself and won’t be in your face all day every day. 

Now I can’t speak for everybody, but my cats never leave me alone! Even as I’m writing this, Molly is curled up beside me. 

Despite popular opinion, a lot of cats do like to be around people, and they will follow you around the house unless they’re busy napping.

3) They’re not very affectionate

People who have never owned cats seem to have this image of sharp claws and arms covered in scratches. I’ve heard many people say you can stroke a cat for so long but eventually it will claw you. 

Scratches do happen, but hardly ever out of aggression. It’s usually if you accidentally get caught between a cat and it’s toy mouse! 

Both of my cats are extremely affectionate. They will sit on my lap, be cuddled, picked up, rocked like a baby, and they even put up with me talking to them like children! 

4) You can’t train a cat

This one isn’t very common, but I hear it a lot when people are debating whether to get a cat or a dog. 

You probably won’t get a cat to fetch the post for you, and I can’t see a cat being much good leading the blind, but you can teach them certain tricks.

We taught our cats to sit for treats. It was a bit shaky at first but now they’ve really grasped it. In fact, if one sits down and the other one doesn’t, she will get up and nudge the other to try and get her to sit too! 

It isn’t mind-blowing stuff but it is very cute. 

That’s about it for the blog post, I hope you liked it! If you’re still not sold on how awesome cats are, here are some pictures of little cat paws, guaranteed to melt your heart!

Playdough Creations!

Some of the children’s magazines at work were being replaced with a new issue, meaning they were being thrown out. But one of them had a packet of playdough attached to the front and my inner child got over excited, so I took it home.

I haven’t played with playdough since I was a little kid, the smell brought back so many memories! 

I decided to have a bit of fun and make some cute little creations. They’re nothing special or particularly artsy but I just thought I’d share them for a bit of fun.

So there you have it, a short little blog post about a much-loved childhood hobby! Now I need to wash my hands so they don’t smell like playdough for hours! 

Pretty Muddy!

The day finally arrived for me, my sister and our friends to take part in the Pretty Muddy Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. 

The four of us dressed up as superheroes and called our team ‘The Lady Mucks’. 

This is the third year we have taken part and it was by far the coldest it has ever been! In previous years we even caught a sunburn! But today it was cold and windy, so by the end we were all shivering!

We set off in high spirits, looking pretty in pink. I love the atmosphere at the start line. Everyone is ready to go, the music is blaring and it’s easy to get caught up in the happiness. We began the race with a jog but we soon slowed to a walk, so we could walk and talk between the obstacles. 

And there were plenty of them! From bouncing on a space hopper (or falling off a space hopper like I did!), crawling under muddy netting or trudging through muddy puddles, there was a lot going on! And as usual, there were the helpful marshals spraying us with cold water as we attempted each one!

It took us just over an hour but we completed the 5K course! Altogether we raised £215.75 (including gift aid) for Cancer Research, which will hopefully bring us closer to finding the cure. 

I now have a slightly-muddy medal to remember the day!

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New Makeup!

Today my Tropic order arrived and I was so excited to try it all on! 
I’ve wanted this makeup for a while now and I finally decided to go ahead and buy it. I’ve been using Tropic skincare products for about seven months now and I love how they feel so I really wanted to try out the makeup collection too. I’m not very skilled when it comes to makeup so I’m hoping that by having a proper set I’ll be able to improve!

I started with the beauty booster, which acts like a primer. A little of this product goes a long way and I’d be quite happy to wear it without any foundation because it gives my skin a lovely glow. It’s a good base product but also a nice cover for casual days.

Next, I moved on to the mineral foundation which feels very light on the skin, and the soft focus perfecting powder gives your skin a matte finish. Together it creates glowing skin but it doesn’t look or feel heavy. 

Next I used this sculpting palette. I’m still very new to the idea of contouring but I was really happy with the end result. It’s subtle and light on the skin. The pink blush is my favourite part of the palette. I naturally have very rosy cheeks so I don’t like wearing much blusher, and this one was just right. 

On to the eyes! I usually only wear mascara, but it’s nice to have some eye liner for special occasions. I really like how this one feels, it glides on effortlessly which is great for someone like me who usually makes a mess of it! 

Next I tried the mascara which worked wonders for my eyelashes, they looked about double their usual length. 

Moving on to eye shadow, I went with the palette that was designed to compliment blue eyes. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but this palette has some soft colours which would be great for casual wear. 

I really like the darker two. This picture doesn’t really show how they shimmer, but they do have a nice glimmer effect. 

Eyebrows! I have never coloured or shaped my eyebrows. I always just leave them be because I know I’m bound to mess it up if I try. But along with this little eyebrow kit, I also bought some eyebrow stencils, which are brilliant for me! It makes the whole process so much simpler, and for the first time in my life I have natural-looking shaped brows. 

Last but not least was the lipstick. I don’t usually wear lipstick because my lips are quite full so most colours look too much. I usually opt for deep shades so I decided to push my comfort zone and go for a bold rose-red! 

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you liked it! 

Down by the river.

Today I had the day off work so me and my mum decided to spend the day in Bakewell – the town where Bakewell tarts come from! 

We stopped for lunch and a cake before heading down to the river to chat in the sun. 

The weather turned out nice today so we sat for about half an hour watching the ducks and catching up. 

We also had a cheeky ice cream when we spotted the ice cream van! I chose a strawberry cone and the ice cream was so soft and delicious! 

Next we headed to the garden center to have a look round. We don’t usually buy anything, we just like looking at the gift section. But today something caught my eye.

I remember always loving these plants as a child, so I couldn’t help but buy one for old times sake! I also bought a small plant pot which I painted when I got home to make it white and baby pink – not my best paint job but that doesn’t matter. 

I also bought this beautiful pasta! It really looks too good to eat, I feel like I could wear those little bows since they look like accessories! 

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